6 consecutive official storm day in a row in February, an all-time record set by Dudley, Eunice & Franklin.

After surviving storm Corrie, our system has seen more bad weather. And to put it even more into perspective, last week’s Eunice is in the top 5 heaviest storms of the past 52 years. Over the weekend we have all seen the havoc Eunice caused on land structures, now imagine these forces at sea. Gusts of 141 km/h have been recorded close to our offshore solar farm system. And again we are proud to see our system does what its designed to do and is still going strong in the midst of the big waves at the North Sea, surviving extreme rough sea conditions, windforces 12 Bft with wave heights up to 10 meters! 

Read more on our North Sea 2 project, we are upscaling to 1MW of solar power capacity.

Storm Eunice @ sea
Storm Eunice @ the North Sea.