Our HSSE Policy Statement

Oceans of Energy is fully committed to pursue the goal of no harm to people, no accidents, no security breaches and no damage to the environment. The company’s Management is fully committed to show strong leadership to protect all employees, contractors, business partners, the organizations and communities we work alongside with and the customers we serve, by ensuring our operations are carried out safely and securely with minimal impact to the environment. We  believe effective management of health, safety, security and environment issues contribute to the reduction of risk to our business as a whole.

We cherish a culture in which we challenge ourselves constantly to improve on health and safety performance, while interaction with each other and the environment is respectful. We believe that an open culture improves the safety of the company, together with our principles of commitment, care, fairness & consistency, accountability and integrity.

We see ourselves playing a leading role in developing and promoting best practices in this new industry of offshore solar. We aim to provide our products and services using energy and material as efficiently and sustainable as possible, placing minimum burden on the environment, and provide offshore solutions that meet the highest standards of safety, security and operation.

We recognize that policies, strategies, standards, leading and lagging performance indicators and targets will help to manage risks and improve our overall HSSE performance. We have developed a systematic approach to our HSSE Management, designed to ensure compliance with applicable law, as well as to achieve continuous performance improvement. We set targets at all levels in our organization for improvement and measures of our HSSE performance: at the top level of the organization, at the operational & departmental levels and at the level of individual staff; in which the first driver is pro-active and preventive actions, because that is the only way towards zero incidents. Managing our HSSE performance is the most important business activity, above all other critical businesses. We aim to have an excellent performance where we can be proud of and earn the confidence of our partners, customers and society at large.

Download our full statement for Health, Safety, Security and Environment Policy objectives here.