Oceans of Energy



Oceans of Energy developed unique technology into a standard for our Offshore Solar Farm System. It is the enabling technology for offshore solar in high waves, at full sea, to the lowest possible energy price. The system is proven during three years of operation 12 km offshore, in the high waves of the roughest sea on earth. It will last 30 years in the sea with minimum and safe maintenance. This is challenging – but our unique solutions are proven. The modular system is capable of withstanding rough sea conditions with maximum waves of 13 meters. A system capable of surviving these conditions is needed for clean energy generation in coastal regions and islands without using land space.


The mooring system keeps the offshore floating solar farm in place. Our mooring systems are developed in-house, optimized for large offshore floating solar farms in rough conditions. We have no limitation for the waterdepth; currenlty our system is in 22 meters, but 100 meters...500 meters...all fine; the sky (or actually the seabed) is the limit!


Photovoltaic (PV) technology is a mature and economically feasible renewable energy source in nearly any region. Economic feasibility depends strongly on scale benefits at projects, and is therefore highly affected by space constraints. Moving solar to the space abundant seas allows large scale projects. They key is to allow PV panels to be placed in the rough and salt sea conditions. This is what we have been doing since 2019. Over the years we have tested various PV modules and we are using the best performing modules for offshore application.


Wind speed and solar irradiation are complimentary, therefore integrating floating solar panels into offshore wind farms results in more efficient use of the offshore energy grid. This allows multi-use of space in the North Sea and increases the utilization and efficiency of the infrastructure such as the power export cable or electrolyuzer. In addition, the offshore floating solar farms provide wave dampening which improves the operation weather windows for offshore windpark operators as well as North Sea farmers of seaweed and mariculture. Together with partners, we research this wave dampening effect within the EU supported H2020 project UNITED. See our animation video by clicking in this box.