Oceans of Energy



Oceans of Energy is building a 3MW offshore solar PV system off the Belgian coast co-located with a bottom fixed windfarm.


NORTH SEA 2 – expanded to 1 MW!

Oceans of Energy has been operating the first high-wave offshore solar farm system in the world since 2020, 12 km offshore in the North Sea. The system has been extended in 2022 to 40% of the 1 MW floating system  (August 2022).

NORTH SEA 1 – surviving almost two years on the North Sea!

Oceans of Energy installed in 2019 the first offshore solar farm system in the world in the Dutch North Sea. Our systems survived storms Ciara, Dennis, Bella and Evert, amongst others!

CSeaLand (CSL) In a comparative analysis of sea and land, Oceans of Energy and Utrecht University have examined the power yields of PV at sea in comparison to an installation on land.  

REACT-EU In this REACT-EU project Offshore Solar Demonstrator, Oceans of Energy will develop a offshore floating solar farm with improved power export and asset integrity monitoring systems.  

ENCORE-2 Oceans of Energy is partner in Interreg 2 SEAS programme ENCORE-2. With support of leading service suppliers, OOE will accelerate it’s technological innovations & route-to-market.  

UNITED The UNITED project will run from 2020 until 2023 and provide evidence for the viability of ocean multi-use through the development of demonstration pilots in the real European marine environment.  

OceanDemo Ocean DEMO is a project targeting the installation of ocean energy devices in EU waters.