Oceans of Energy

North Sea 1

For more than one year, we  have been operating the first high-wave offshore solar farms in the world!

  • Operational offshore solar pilots at two locations in the Dutch North Sea
  • Installed near-shore, <1 km from the coast, in November 2019, expanded to 50kW in 2020
  • Installed offshore, 15 km from the coast, very rough conditions, with waves up to 13 meter
  • Withstood heavy storms, with wave heights up to 9-10 meters, wind speeds up to 62 knots, tidal currents up to 4 knots
  • We collect data on the loads, movements, power output, and interactions with the environment

Our system survived several storms, including the “Ciara”, “Dennis” and ” Bella” storms (February & Dec 2020)


The North Sea is notorious for its rough sea conditions. Our system went through heavy conditions such as wave heights up to 9-10 meters and hurricane wind speeds above 110 km/hour. The Oceans of Energy offshore solar system is designed and tested to withstand 13 meters high waves. These conditions are unique in the world.


World’s first offshore solar farm modules at open sea (the first 17 kW)


About the project ‘Zon op Zee (Solar-at-Sea)’ In 2017, six Dutch companies and Research Organizations including TNO, MARIN, ONE-Dyas and Oceans of Energy started with the development, construction, testing, and operation of the first offshore solar farm system at open sea in the world. The project ‘Zon op Zee (Solar-at-Sea)’ has received an innovation contribution from the Dutch Enterprise Agency (Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland, RVO.nl) through the “Topsector Energie” policy of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate.