Position: PhotoVoltaics Project Engineer 

Oceans of Energy is a young company and the first in the world to place solar panels offshore in ocean conditions. We want to bring a large positive impact to the world: abundance of clean energy without the usual land space issues. Our goal is to allow all populations near the sea, from small islands to large coastal regions, to generate clean energy using their sea space rather than their scarce land.  

We are currently moving from product development into market roll-out of offshore solar systems, hand in hand with ecological research to understand the impact as well as the benefits for nature and marine life.   

Our offshore solar farms consist of integrated PV systems in floating platforms, anchored to the seabed. Electrical cables run to the shore or a nearby installation (e.g. windfarm) and connects to the local grid. 

Job objective:

The PV project engineer is responsible for the overall design of small & large scale offshore solar farms, for detailed design of our pilot systems, for joint development with partners, suppliers and clients. 

The PV project engineer looks ahead how our future offshore solar farms will be equipped and connected: how do we connect into an existing offshore wind farms, what components do we need onboard of our floating units, which PV panels do we use. This drives decisions as to what to incorporate in our current pilot projects 

Challenges include: 

  • Overall conceptual design of the electrical schematic of a floating offshore solar farm, grid connected to shore or to an offshore windfarm system 
  • Involve suppliers, select them, set up joint development with them, initiate and lead procurement of components 
  • Transfer knowledge & experience from building and operating land-based PV farms, to offshore solar farms 
  • Overall design of the electrical systems onboard our floating units, work hands-on on practical solutions during the building and operation at sea of our units. These are PV-related electrics as well as monitoring equipment during the pilot phases; the PVE engineer is responsible to design and built these, or have them developed by a supplier 
  • Project management of our partners in the development and testing of the PV system and components 
  • Work together with future owners of our systems in designing and realizing relevant transformation and grid connectivity, either onshore or off-shore 
  • Work safely with the electrical system, including working with low to high voltages at sea 
  • Working together with other disciplines (i.e. structural design. naval architecture) 

Qualifications and Qualities: 

  • In possession of EU working permit valid for more than 1 year (NB: this is a strict requirement) 
  • Electrical Engineering, BSc or MSc 
  • Experience with design and realization of electrical systems such as: small and large scale PV farms on/off-grid electrical systems 
  • Practical skills, able to build prototype set-ups with off-the-shelf components 
  • Ability to work with and leverage the expertise / input of partners and suppliers 
  • Excellent English language skills  
  • Perform well in a fast-paced and challenging environment of new technology development; enjoy working in a young company with startup mentality 
  • Enthusiastic, independent, and getting things done with simple means.  
  • Team player  


For more information and applying, please send CV and a short motivation to hr@oceansofenergy.blue with subject “PV project  engineer“.