Vacancy OEV2202: Electrical Power Export Engineer

Oceans of Energy’s offshore solar farm system has been developed and since installation in 2019 proven to withstand the forces of nature while at full sea in high waves. The system is now scaling up in several projects for which the grid connections are going to be realized.

The Electrical Power Export Engineer is responsible for the electrical design, procurement, construction and installation of the power export (transformation, conversion and transmission of the power to the grid connection) of our current and future offshore solar farm projects.

Our current projects are in the 1 to 5 MW range, our next steps are 15 MW – 150MW – 750 MW.

This position is based at our headquarters near Leiden, the Netherlands.

Responsibilities and tasks

Product development / R&D

  • Deliver electrical lay-outs and installation plans for offshore solar farms.  
  • Look ahead how our future offshore solar farms will be equipped and connected: how do we connect into an existing offshore fixed/floating wind farm or oil and gas platform, what components do we need onboard of our floating units, or at the grid connection side?  
  • Project management of our partners/suppliers/clients in the development and testing of the power transformation & export system and components 
  • Develop OOE standards, the (electrical) safety guidelines, protocols and equipment 
  • Supervise interns and graduation students on topics within your expertise 
  • Work hands-on on try-outs of practical solutions on our pilot systems at sea 

Projects in execution 

  • Lead the basic & detail engineering, procurement and installation of the electrical and power export hardware, connecting to MV grid connections to an offshore windfarm system/oil&gas system or to shore 
  • Selection of components: transformers, switchgear, wiring etc  
  • Provide technical support to offshore (installation) teams during installation, start-up, testing, system commission and offshore power export maintenance and repairs.  
  • Hands-on work may occur; work safely with the electrical system at sea 
  • Perform project engineering/ project management duties 

Qualifications and Skills

  • Advanced engineering degree (Master or Bachelor)  
  • Knowledgeable in MV/HV 
  • At least 2-3 years relevant engineering experience  
  • Excellent English language skills 
  • Startup mentality: enthusiastic, independent, and getting things done with simple means. 
  • Self-directed, quick learner 
  • Able to perform well in a fast-paced and highly challenging environment 
  • Good communicator and able to work in, or lead, an engineering team  

About Oceans of Energy

Oceans of Energy is a young, fast-growing company; we installed the world’s first offshore solar farm in 2019 and have since been operating it in severe offshore conditions. It is our aim to enable the world to generate clean energy from the abundance of space at sea instead of those scarce locations on land.

Our modular offshore solar farm has been operational at sea for more than two and half years and as we are extending it, we are monitoring it extensively. Meanwhile, we are conducting ecological research to assess the impact, both negative and positive, on nature and marine life.


As we are growing at breakneck pace, we are developing technologies and methods without any examples in the world. Please do not expect to find a’ bed of roses’. A pioneering mentality is a must. Do you like to challenge yourself?

Apply now 

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