Vacancy OEV2116: Data Engineer 

Job summary 

As Oceans of Energy is scaling up its existing solar farm on the North Sea to  MegaWatt scale the coming year, we are recruiting a Data Engineer that can manage our data streams and make our data visibly internally. 

As a Data Engineer you are responsible for processing all our data from our own sensoring campaigns. You will be involved in the design and selection of our sensors on our floating platforms in an early phase to guarantee the most valuable data output. You will take care of process automation of the data stream and build models to transfer all data to valuable learnings that directly lead to design improvements within the design team. This can be related to electrical, structural, hydrodynamic and environmental measurements on our system. You will be responsible for data processing for the operations team to give insight in system behaviour. 

This position is located at our production facility near Leiden, The Netherlands. 

These are some of the things you may be working on 

Engineering models and data warehousing 

  • Help engineers extract, transform and load a wide variety of datasets (ETL) that are used in improving our floating solar farm design and system integrity monitoring. 
  • Manage and develop a data warehouse where users can save and retrieve data from.  
  • Aid engineers in writing complex engineering models that use Python libraries such as pandas, numpy etc.  
  • Expand a dashboard tool that helps users visualize and analyze internal data such as power performance, system integrity and other sensoring equipment. 

Inventory management system 

  • Develop a system to help the OMM-team keep track of our equipment and operations 
  • Communicate with employees from other departments to determine their problems, and figure out ways to provide solutions for their specific software needs 
  • Use external web APIs to gather data about weather and metocean information. 

These are the tools we are currently using 

  • Python 
  • UbiOps 
  • Microsoft Azure 
  • SQL 
  • Grafana dashboards 

Qualifications and qualities: 

  • Engineering degree (Msc or HBO) in the following directions: Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Aerospace Engineering 
  • Manage scope creep, priorities, deliverables and user expectations. 
  • At least 2 years of relevant experience building production-grade cloud infrastructure solutions 
  • Solid understanding of how web applications and relational databases work. HTTP, REST APIs, Web Protocols, SQL, ORMs, etc 
  • Beneficial:  
    • experience in working with motion data: IMU’s, MEMS, Kalman filtering etc. 
    • experience in machine learning 
  • Can work independently and set own deadlines and priorities 
  • Possesses strong communication skills and enjoys discussing projects, requests, and requirements with people in different roles and functions 
  • Able to express technical and business ideas in English 
  • Living in the Netherlands; authorized to work in the Netherlands 

About Oceans of Energy 

Oceans of Energy BV is young, fast-growing company; we installed the world’s first offshore solar farm and have been operating it in severe offshore conditions. It is our aim to enable the world to generate clean energy from the abundance of space at sea instead of those scarce locations on land. 

Our modular offshore solar farm has been operational at sea for almost two years and as we are extending it, we are monitoring it extensively. Meanwhile, we are conducting ecological research to assess the impact, both negative and positive, on nature and marine life. 


As we are growing at break-neck pace we are developing technologies and methods without any example in the world. Please do not expect to find a bed of roses. A pioneering mentality is a must. 


For more info, please send an email to with the subject “Data Engineer” and do not forget to mention the code: OEV2116. 

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