Position: Offshore PV product designer 

Summary: Design a PV panel mounting/support blow molded product which can be integrated in the Oceans of Energy’s offshore PV floaters  

Start: November/December 2022 

Duration: 5/6 months (Can be extended with thesis project) 

Required skills: 3D drawing, knowledge of various molding fabrication techniques 

Oceans of Energy is offering an internship for a Mechanical engineer / Industrial product designer. The internship allows you to develop a custom product, from designing and prototyping to upscaled fabrication and implementation. The designed product can consist of different user cases, from PV module mounting to buoyancy applications for the Oceans of Energy’s PV floaters. 

The internship is done at Oceans of Energy, which seeks to deploy and integrate offshore solar farms onto the North Sea over the coming years. Their goal is to try to integrate these floating solar plants in the spacing between wind turbines in offshore wind farms.  

Oceans of Energy is a young company and the first in the world to place solar panels offshore in ocean conditions. This will bring a big positive impact to the world: abundance of clean energy without land space issues. Our goal is to allow all populations near the sea, from small islands to large coastal regions, to generate clean energy using their sea space rather than their scarce land. Our focus is the technological development of offshore solar systems, hand in hand with ecological research to understand the impact as well as the benefits for nature and marine life.  

Qualifications and Qualities: 

  • HTS/TU engineering student
  • Ability / enthusiasm to be on board of the installation vessels
  • Hands on approach
  • Communicator  
  • Able to perform well in a fast-paced and highly challenging environment 
  • In possession of EU work visa


For more information and applying, please send CV and a short motivation to hr@oceansofenergy.blue with subject “Intern – Offshore PV Product Designer