Vacancy: Project Engineer Hydrodynamics

Oceans of Energy is growing fast, and we are looking for a Project Engineer Hydrodynamics!  You will  be responsible for all hydrodynamic challenges during the preparation and execution of our upcoming (commercial) projects. You will be managing and executing Hydrodynamics deliverables and scopes.  You will keep up with market developments, manage relations with our network of subcontractors and vendors related to hydrodynamics. And since a great part of the production of our systems is done in house, it is important to stay up to date with knowledge- and tools developments of our own product.  


As Hydrodynamics project engineer at Oceans of Energy no day is the same. In general you will be collaborating with other engineers and subcontractors regarding project-specific engineering scopes of current projects (dynamic system behaviour, mooring system analysis, dynamic cable design). In addition to that you will be in the lead for subcontracting of scopes and materials such as: CPS systems, bend stiffeners, dynamic cables and mooring components, following the scopes up to delivery. If needed you will go offshore as Field Engineer, but we also count on your input and support in project control regarding forecasting and cost engineering, as well as subsidy claim preparations.   


About Oceans of Energy 

Oceans of Energy is a young, passionate and fast-growing company. We installed the world’s first offshore solar farm in 2019 and have since been operating it in severe offshore conditions. It is our aim to enable the world to generate clean energy from the abundance of space at sea instead of those scarce locations on land. 

Our modular offshore solar farm has been operational at sea for several years now and as we are extending it, we are monitoring it extensively. Specifically, the environmental monitoring we do thoroughly. Together with knowledge institutes, NGO’s and universities, we assess the impact on nature and marine life as well as to explore nature-enhancing opportunities around offshore solar  

Your responsibilities and tasks 

  • Manage and deliver Project engineering scopes and deliverables:  
  • Collaborate with other engineers and/or supervise subcontractors regarding project-specific engineering scopes (dynamic system behaviour, mooring system analysis, dynamic cable design)  
  • Act as procurement lead for subcontracting of scopes and materials for respective topics, following the scopes up to delivery / installation (CPS systems, bend stiffeners, dynamic cables, mooring components). 
  • Preparation and execution of logistics for project items / materials 
  • Go offshore as Field Engineer responsible for the execution / implementation of the scopes prepared by you. 
  • Keep up with market and technology developments in the field  
  • Maintain relations with relevant industry partners and subcontractors for respective topics; 
  • Selection and maintaining of engineering software relevant to the job 


Your Qualifications and skills 

  • In depth knowledge and experience with multibody and non-linear hydrodynamic analysis 
  • Experience in Ansys AQWA and/or OrcaFlex; 
  • Cable, mooring and floating farm dynamic behaviour,  
  • Knowledge on international standards, rules and regulations in the field of Offshore Hydrodynamics 
  • Knowledge on site environmental conditions assessment 


Why you want to work at Oceans of Energy:  

  • You will work together with many very talented colleagues, all with a lot of passion for the same mission.  
  • You will get a flexible time off policy, which means you will not have a strict maximum number of leave days a year. We believe that our employees can judge themselves when it is time to push and when it is time to take a break.  
  • We believe that Learning is Key. This means that there are plenty of opportunities for you to learn and grow as our companies scales.  
  • We often arrange (voluntary) extra curriculum events, such as sailing events, campsites, BBQ’s, Xmas party and of course Friday afternoon drinks.  



As we are growing at break-neck pace we are developing technologies and methods without any example in the world. Please do not expect to find a bed of roses. A pioneering mentality is a must. 



For more info, please send an email to with the subject “Project Engineer Hydrodynamics”  

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