Oceans of Energy

The first – and only - in the world operating offshore solar farms at full sea.

Oceans of Energy is the first – and only – company in the world operating an offshore solar farm at full sea in high waves. In 2020 we installed our offshore solar farm system at an offshore location at the North Sea, known for its very rough conditions. Since then, the system has survived many heavy storms, with waves up to 10 meters and wind speeds 12 bft (over 100 km/hr), and it remained at location. It has proven to do what it is designed and tested for: withstand relentless sea conditions!

Today our system is still in full operation and our technology can be applied in any water depth, for any coastal region or island in the world. Currently we are expanding our offshore solar farm to 1 MW scale in 2022 and plan to continue to 15 MW in 2023.

Our offshore solar systems withstood all storms since 2020 like Bella, Ciare, Dennis, Evert, Corrie, Dudley, Franklin & Eunice.


Our solar panels at sea provide clean electricity to the world. Solar panels offer the most successful way of harvesting renewable energy at this time. Until now solar panels are mostly installed on land. However, land space is scarce and mostly needed for housing, recreation, industry, roads, and agriculture. And even if all of our land space (including roads, houses and fields) would be paved with solar panels, this still would not generate enough power to meet our (growing) renewable energy demand. Therefore, the future lies at sea!

Almost 50% of the world’s population lives within 100 kilometers of the coast. The planet’s oceans and seas offer a lot of space. With only a fraction of that space covered by solar panels, a lot of energy can be generated – even more then needed. Offshore solar is a game changer in the energy transition.


  • Floating

  • Modular

  • Robust

  • High yield

  • Low maintenance

  • Any waterdepth

  • Proven track record


We care about the marine environment. It is our goal to bring abundant clean energy to the world using the vast space at sea without jeopardizing nature. Therefore, we invest substantially in environmental and ocean research, as part of our core business. Striving to minimize negative impact and maximize positive impacts. We believe in creating eco-synergies that can bring added value to local ecosystems and its people.

Environmental monitoring and research is incorporated in all our projects. Our Ecology & Sustainable Research team works closely with a network of researchers from top tier (independent) institutes. We test scientific hypotheses through numerical and physical modelling, field testing and continuous monitoring at each project. And we constantly improve our design and materials to be most eco-friendly.