Vacancy: InternEnergy System Transformation with Offshore Solar

Worldwide Oceans of Energy is the first to place solar panels offshore in relentless ocean conditions. The global impact of offshore solar could be immense: imagine abundance of clean energy without land space issues. Our goal is to  empower all populations in coastal regions, on both islands as well as the mainland, to generate clean energy at sea instead of on land where space is scarce. By 2050 offshore solar could potentially reach 4200 GW installed capacity and therefore has the potential to become the single largest supply of renewable energy in the world. Oceans of Energy is now embarking on commercial roll-out and is realizing the first 1 MW and 3 MW grid connected offshore solar systems. In addition to the expansion and technological development of our offshore solar systems, we focus on energy system integration research and ecological research to understand the impact as well as the benefits for nature, marine life and society 

We are currently looking for an intern to investigate potential installation sites for commercial projects for offshore floating solar worldwide. You will search for islands or other interesting locations around the world that could benefit from offshore solar power supply and assess the feasibility of starting a project at those sites. You will develop energy system model tools to assess potential, possibly together with (floating) wind and energy storage / power to gas. Further analysis concerns e.g. projections of solar irradiance and energy demand for the location.   

The scale-up Oceans of Energy consists of a young and vibrant team complemented with top-seniors from the offshore and commercial industry. We offer you an environment in which you can take-up key-responsibilities and develop yourself exponentially. Together with our team, you can make a lasting positive impact and revolutionize the world of clean energy. 

Responsibilities include: 

  • Research potential installation sites for offshore floating solar 
  • Analyze the potential of identified interesting sites with a quick market study 
  • Develop easy to use models for assessing potential at sites 
  • Translate performance indicators into economic value based on existing literature 
  • Identify funding mechanisms, local partners and relevant stakeholders 
  • Collaborate effectively with variety of team members and organizations 

Qualifications and Qualities:

  • Bachelor/Master student in Energy ScienceEconomics, Science Business & Innovation, Sustainable Energy Technologies or related field of study, preferably with an interest in energy sciences/sustainability and engineering 
  • Excellent English language skills; Dutch is beneficial 
  • Knowledge of a GIS system is a plus 
  • Start-up mentality: enthusiastic, independent, and getting things done with simple means 
  • Driven, curious and always focusing on solutions 
  • Self-directed, quick learner, good communicator   
  • Able to perform well in a fast-paced and highly challenging environment 
  • Available for a period of 3-6 months 
  • Ambition to stay with Oceans of Energy after project is completed


For more information and applying, please send CV and a short motivation to with subject “InternshipSystem Transformation